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About Ao


Bringing Japan closer to the world,
Suntory journeys into uncharted territory with Ao.
Suntory World Whisky Ao.


Suntory’s Heritage and
Innovation in Whisky Making

Nearly a century ago at the Yamazaki Distillery, Suntory developed the first Japanese Whisky. Applying the Suntory Art of Blending philosophy, they continue pioneering their craft. The skill and spirit instrumental in blending notable whiskies such as Hibiki originate from heritage and innovation as successive blenders refine their predecessors’ skills.
World-renown subtle, refined yet complex flavor is an attribute of Japanese craftsmanship. Ao will usher in a new world of whisky. Since its inception, Suntory has pioneered whisky and continues challenging paradigms.

The World’s Five Major Whisky Regions.
The First Encounter.

 Originating in Ireland and Scotland, whisky later migrated to the New World. It evolved history and culture, which dictate a whisky’s personality, unique to Canada and the United States.
 Despite its youth of a mere century, Japanese Whisky continues to receive acclaim and accolades the world over. Irish, Scotch, American, Canadian, and now, Japanese whiskies, each loved for individuality and known as the world’s five major whiskies.
Beam Suntory holds distilleries from all five regions, inspiring the company to apply its resources toward developing a whisky for a new era. The careful process of selecting component whiskies from around the world yielded a premium blend in 2019. Produced in-house, Suntory World Whisky Ao represents each of the world’s five top whiskies.

Ao, From Distilleries Around the World



Ardmore Distillery

The smoky Highland whisky is refreshing and different from Islay varieties, founded in 1898.


Glen Garioch Distillery

Among the Highlands’ oldest distilleries, featuring Highland malt with sharp honey and heathery spicy notes.

IRISH Whiskey


Cooley Distillery

A newer distillery founded in 1989, Cooley uses the same production methods as Scotch and is known as Danny Boy.


ジムビーム クレアモント蒸溜所

Jim Beam Claremont Distillery

Founded in 1795 and run by the Beam family for generations, this distillery produces the World’s #1 Bourbon, using water naturally filtered through a limestone shelf and the same yeast since the prohibition era.



Alberta Distillery

Founded in 1946, high-quality, locally-grown rye and refreshing glacial water offer a smooth flavor.



Yamazaki Distillery

Japan’s first and oldest whisky distillery, featuring a delicate yet profound profile nurtured through Yamazaki’s misty climate.


Hakushu Distillery

Japan’s unique mountain forest distillery, featuring a refreshingly herbal flavor profile from the water of its natural surroundings.

A Blend Exploring
Layers of Flavor


At its base, the Ao blend embodies harmony while revealing and layering each country’s whisky, giving rise to a new way to blend. Enjoy breadth and depth woven from the world’s five major whiskies, each with its unique history, climate, raw materials, and craft.

Five Personalities. One Glass.
Replete with Diversity.

Neat, on the rocks, or mixed into a cocktail. Settle into the smoky comfort of Ao and traverse its fruity notes and smooth, sweet mouthfeel. Suntory blenders wove this complex flavor profile from diverse climates and cultures to deliver multiple experiences to different settings and different people. Discover new flavors and explore the world with each drop.


Journey the Whisky World

Bringing Japan closer to the world, Ao means the color blue, as in the sea that unites the continents. The design cues for Ao include a compass and a wave-like logo. The five-sided bottle symbolizes the world’s five most significant whisky-producing countries. The label sits on the “front corner,” celebrating Japanese craftsmanship and an unconventional encounter. A new message for a new era.

世界と日本をつなぐ。「碧 Ao」のメッセージ。